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Amulets blessing ceremony & how amulets are blessed.

The Buddha amulets come in various styles and shapes. They are primarily made of materials like metal, wood, bone or powder etc. An amulet may contain ash from the burnt incenses or old temple structure, hair of famous, monks, etc. in order to increase the protective power of the items. After an amulet are made, the maker will then request the monks residing in the monastery or from the other monastery and practice will, chant prayers and bless them. For an authentic Buddhist amulet, this process may take almost three years.

Amulets blessing ceremony are done in many different through each of the monks knowledge that was pass on to them, in most cases you will find amulets are blessed inside the temples Ubosort which known as the main hall for the monks to perform most activities, it has also seen to be done out door in the open, on a ship, underwater, in a cave or even in a forest. It is all to do with how to enhance the power of the blessing into the amulets, some people might say it just to created the excitement but however it has proven miracles in many occasions during the ceremony.

In each ceremony often powerful monks are invited to attend  the chanting to give blessing to the amulets. Most ceremonies nowadays are completed within 1 day however occasionally you still see a 3,7,9 days blessing before the amulets to be released.

Renting or purchasing amulets nowadays required for you to preorder them, at least 1 month or more the temple will make an announcement to what the amulets they will make and what is the reason to why the amulets are being made for example The temple will say we are going to be making Hanuman amulets in this year robe offering ceremony and all the money will be used in renovating the amenities etc.

Amulets are made and blessed in many different ways and by different monks, it is hard to determine which one are more powerful or less powerful. As I would always say, be a good person, follow the correct practices, always do good deeds and create merits - this will increase the power of your amulets and be protected by the lord of Buddha himself.

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