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Father Of Muay Thai “Nai KhanomTom*

🚨🚨The meaning and the effect that the wear will receive from wearing the father of Muay Thai amulets is No.1 Victory effect. Nai KhanomTom uses his Muay skills to eliminate and destroy 10 Burmese fighters back more than 200 years ago and gained freedom for himself and other Thai prisoners.

❤️🥊🇹🇭🙏🏽Father of Muay Thai - “Nai KhanomTom” amulet was created with the purpose to spread the knowledge and to remind everyone of the history of Muay Thai. Nai KhanomTom is respected and regarded as the Father of May Thai or Highest Khru Muay to the Muay Thai community.

Ajarn YongYod, A class Khru Muay mentioned about this father of Muay Thai amulets as “A symbol to remind all fighters and anyone in the Muay Thai community to respect and to put all your teachers and Arjarns above all successes”. Remember those who had shared their knowledge with you and for that your become a good fighter you are today.

Father of Muay Thai - “Nai KhanomTom” amulet by LP Ard and Arjarn YongYod.

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