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Getting a case put on your amulets and what are your options

Getting a case put on your amulets has become a must as keeping amulets in the most perfect condition could make a significant difference in value and of course we don’t want to damage your amulets.

Today I will share with you on 4 common options of cases and what to look for or to be aware of when getting a case put on. First let begin with what options is available:

1. Stainless steel casing - This is the cheapest and the fastest option takes less than 5 minutes to put on, ideally suitable for amulets that you don’t wear often because it is not waterproof but it will do its job to protect your amulets.

2. Plastic or often refer as acrylic - This is the most common choice, it is cheaper than silver or gold and it is water proof. You will often find stalls on the side street that offer this kind of service and it takes less than 30 minutes on average to case up an amulet. However, in most cases it is best to leave with them for couple of hours so they don’t rush it or they may ask for you to come back the next day etc.

3. Clear Lens Acrylic - It is hard to find someone who does these because it is time consuming and harder to do. Clear lens acrylic gives the wearer an ultra clear vision of their amulets and also thicker than the standard acrylic casing. Clear lens acrylic is also waterproof.

4. Silver and Gold - This is where it gets expensive and time consuming. Depending on where you go and how picky are you. Often you will find on the street or in amulet shopping centres such as pantip or tahphrajan with case shops that already have silver or gold casing ready to be put on, it is nice and acceptable and suitable for those who don’t have time to wait for a week or up to 4 weeks for fully handmade silver and gold casing that is much thicker and nicer in details and you also get to design how you want it as well. If you like to add colour pattern or diamonds on to your casing you can also do that as well it’s call “LongYa” it will cost extra. Please also keep in mind that silver and gold cases that are made available for you to purchased straightaway it will only be popular shape amulets such as phra somdej, oval coin amulets, round coin amulets and sema coin amulets etc.

There are also other type of casing available as-well such as rope, wood, nickel and micon etc but it is not so common as the above 4 that I mentioned.

What you must be aware?

1. The quality of the material or the workmanship is very important. You will find some case maker using cheap thin plastic material and don’t polish well enough that it’s clear enough. For gold or silver must make sure you know how many % is the gold and silver and the weight of it so you don’t get rip off.

2. Be-careful that your amulets don’t get swap. This may sound harsh but it had happened for some people where their amulet is worthy in value and got swapped while leaving it with the shop. Very important you know the markings of your amulets before hand it over or if possible stay with at the shop and wait for it.

3. They could damage your amulets. This happen daily, people mishandle, or accidentally dropping amulets while putting a case on. Again, make sure you look at your amulets when picking it up to make sure it’s not broken or damaged, most time the shop owner will take responsibility for the damage but it could get into a nasty drama so be very careful.

Tips on what you can do?

1. Try finding a shop that the local trust and they can refer you to

2. If you don’t know anyone, then look for a proper shop that has shop frontage so at least you know they are not going anywhere.

3. Wait there with your amulets if it wont take too long or or make an appointment for a different day that you could wait around for it.

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