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Hanuman sits on Tiger by LP Boonsong of Wat Yangsoong.

NO.1 Sak Yant monk of Kanchannaburi Province. This amulet is currently one of the highly sourced piece amongst Sak Yant people.

Effect: Hanuman is great of protection that can protect his owner from danger, bad things and black magic. Moreover, there are many superb powers in these Hanuman such as bring Victory in your business, relationship and others, Power of authority to command and leading people.

This is a rare very small batch of LP BoonSong, Wat YangSoong, Kanchanaburi province. Made in BE2558 (4 years old). LP Boonsong is close friend with LP Choop. Fully drawn hanuman sits on tiger yantra that YOU DONT SEE IN ANY AMULETS!

📌Limited edition LP Boonsong, Wat Yangsoong. LP Boonsong recently passed away and all his amulets are now highly sourced. ***EXCLUSIVE Hanuman sits on a tiger yant is that design by LP Boonsong himself. 🐅🐵👑

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