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“Kanchanaburi province history and amulets”

In the history of Thailand and refer back to the heavy war period, Kanchanburi province is the most or if not a very important town to Ayuthaya former capital city of Thailand. Often it’s being refer “Muang NaDan” or “Muang DanPhraJedi SamOng” which translate in English as For-front City or the city of the 3 pagoda. During the world war 2 it was also refer as “The Bridge of the River Kwai”

The reason for it being refer as For-front city because when all the war happened between Thailand and Burma, Kanchanaburi is the boarder town and it is the first Thai city that the Burmese must travel through in order to get further to Ayutthaya. People of Kanchanburi are known as brave soldiers and warriors as they have to fight to protect Thailand more than any other provinces. The Burmese gave soldiers of Kanchanaburi as “The Ghost Army” because of their bravery and their kongkraphan chatri (Invulnerable) wicha (Magic).

Kanchanburi amulets and monks are well known through out Thailand to fetch protective and invulnerable effect over the mettha mahaniyom (luck and charm). Kanchanaburi most famous amulets are “Phra Takradan” or known as “The Warrior of MaeKlong River” it is listed as Thailand’s most highly regarded warrior Buddha set and Phra Pidta “Close eyed Buddha” LP Yim of Wat Nongbua which is listed as the most highly regarded Phra Pidta set.

Talking about Geji, Arjarnm, master, monks of the present and the past there are many top names that is famously known include, LP Yim Wat NongBua, LP Lien Wat NongBua, LP Pien Wat ChaiChoomPhonChanaSongKram, LP Dee Wat TeWaSangKaram, LP Uttama Wat Wangwiwekaram, LP Nart Wat Sriloharajchabamroong, LP Lamyai Wat ThoongLadya, LP DernHon Wat ThoongSamor and LP Choop of Wat WangKraJae (Still living). These are just some of the names that widely spread of their wicha (magic) and power.

Prices on amulets from these masters starts from early thousand and up to in the million baht for an authentic and original piece. Not only because it is hard to find but also not many were made. Adding to the fact that Kanchanburi province had to fought to much in the war period, most amulets were damaged or destroyed. If you are seeking for a protective type or fighter type amulets, invincible or invulnerable. I couldn’t recommend any higher or better amulets to go for than amulets from monks of Kanchanaburi province.

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