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LP Koon amulets, Wat BanRai, Nakornratchasrima

Sensational LP Koon piece! Very beautiful and in perfect condition. SPECIAL No.321! Very early batch and very good number coded the amulet. Made in BE2557 (5 years old) before he passed away.

Effect: Increase Luck tremendously, Protection from bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap, Harmproof and bring good fortune especially business and authority, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Improve your luck and fortune.

Luang Phor Koon learnt to cultivate Buddhist practice as well as all forms of spiritual powers from Luang Phor Khang for three years. He had left Luang Phor Khang and decided to go on his own to fulfill the Buddhism faith and help the needy.

Luang Phor Koon went Tudong alone in Laos and Cambodia, remaining in the jungles for 10 years. Luang Phor Koon is very good in the wicha (magic) and amulets are highly source and the price has gone skyrocket since LP Koon passed away on 16 May 2015 (2558) at age of 91.

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