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LP Pern, Wat BangPhra, NakornPrathom.

Original collector piece of No. 1 Sak Yant monk - LP Pern Wat BangPhra.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Muay Thai Fighters, All kind of martial art fighters, Defence Force and those who had tiger Sak Yant! “LP Pern holding on to Poh Kae mask” “Those with Tiger Sak Yant - Should not miss out - most of all famous tiger tattoos in Thailand are created by LP Pern of Wat Bangphra”🔥🔥 I have LP Pern tiger Sak Yant myself.

In absolute perfect condition, coin amulet featuring signature image of LP Pern sit on a tiger and at the rear contain protective, luck, wealth yantra and details in Thai.

LP Pern - Wat Bang Phra, is highly respected as one of the top Great Monks because of his Buddhistic incantation ability and ultra high Dhamma (Buddha Teaching). All Luang Phor Pern’s amulets are well-know for warding off dangers of all kinds. All recorded and unrecorded miraculous phenomena can be heard from people that wore Luang Phor Pern’s amulets.

LP Pern passed away in June 30, BE2545 at the age of 79. 🔥🔥🔥Effect: Many people who had worn Luang Phor Pern’s amulets encountered efficacious experiences with Great Metta, Fortune, Unexpected Bonanza, and Life Protection. The news of experiences was widely spreading throughout Thailand and around the world which ignited a scrambling sourcing of amulets consecrated by him.

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