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Phra Khun Paen - LP Wan sits on tiger, Wat Don, Patthalung Province.

“RARE Southern Sensations Piece”

Very effective and beautiful unique Phra Khun Paen piece featuring an image of one of the legendary monk LP Wan or PohThan Wan sits on a tiger who is another extremely powerful monk of the south region, Phattalung Province.

LP Wan is one of the highly respect monk of the southern province and blessed many well effective and powerful amulets but his most well know piece is his LP Thuad amulet made in BE2509.

This piece was made in year BE2547 (15 years old) in remembrance of LP Wan by his successor the appoint abbot of Wat Lon, Arjarn Pan. Arjan Pan is one of the upcoming powerful monk of the south region who is known to learn his wicha (magic) from LP Wan and other monks in the southern part of Thailand.

Effect: Super natural powers, protection and invulnerability. In thai, this effect is known as “yu yong kong kraphan', meaning physical invulnerability all dangers. Phra Khun Paen also famous for charming effect, great business negotiating.

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