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Phra Ruang Rang Puen, WatPhraThaeandongrang, Kanchannaburi


Super fighter piece - Centre piece of the 5 Buddha warrior aka Phra Yod Khun Phon.

37 years ago in BE2525 Phra Ruang Rang Puen - Standing Sukhothai style Buddha mould on to a 🔫 was made using 800 years old lead that was found in the cave at the temple ground.

Full red stain body, clear facial markings, clear fingers and toes and no damage or breakage.

One of the best ceremonies in Buddha warrior amulets making history with Mae Shee Boonruan performed her magical wicha power break down 1000+ years old lead for a cave at WatPhraThaeandongrang, Kanchanaburi province in BE2524 before the making and the ceremony held by 18 top gurus of that era in presence include:

LP Prae Wat Phikunthong,

LP Pern WatBangPhra,

LP Uttama Wat WangWiWekaram, LP Lamyai Wat ThoongLadYa,

LP Paiboon Wat Tai (founder of Brisbane and Melbourne temple), LP Cham WatDonYaiHom,

LP Yham WatSamGham etc in BE2525.

Best effective in protecting the wearer from all harms, became invulnerable and invincible from accidental dangers and weapons. Superb victory effect!

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