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Phra YodThong - Victory Buddha by LP Pian of Wat KraenKatin.

🤩🤩Absolute beautiful golden brass Phra YodThong - Victory Buddha by LP Pien of Wat Gernkatin. BE2552 (10 years old)

💯💯Best suited for daily wears or attached on to mongkhon.

Effect: Victory over your enemies. Eliminate all obstacles in life. Allow smooth journeys in all the things you do. Gain luck and wealth. Up life fortune.

LP Pien body did not rot after death. LP Pien studied magic from his father when he was young. He ordained at the age of 49 at Wat GumPaeng, Lopburi province. After that LP Pien stayed with LP Pahn of Wat GrernGaTin for studying magic and meditation. LP Pahn is a Cambodian monk and known for his holy dramma and wicha (magic). LP Pien extremely famous for his protective wicha and wealth fetching. Sadly LP passed away last year however his body was not rotten!!!!

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