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Tiger amulet, LP Prawat, Wat BangKaew, Samutsongkram

🐅😍MASTER PIECE Tiger amulet collector - DO NOT MISSED OUT! One of the best tiger amulets blessed by a great linage of monks. LP Prawat, Wat BangKaew, Samutsongkram province. Also was blessed by LP Aun and LP Samai who are top monk of the time. BE2543 (19 years old).

How angry is this beast of the wild. Hi all, here is one of my long time collection. One of the best piece in my collection.

The power of invulnerable by the instinct of the tiger is a very powerful creature. The animals are considered big in the wild.

Effect: Protection from bad influence and evil, For great of protection that can protect a worshipper from dangerous, bad things and black magic, Power of authority to command and leading people.

Highly source piece! Great ceremony by well respected monks. Made with bronze with takrut at the bottom for extra power. Perfect for everyday wearing or collection.

Comes with new handmade acrylic waterproof case ready to wear.

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