Thai Boy Amulets, Australia 

Started off in 2018 with a vision to share our passion of Thai amulets to the Australian people and everyone from around the world. Thai Boy Amulets is Australia’s first Thai Amulets dealer with both online and shopfront store located in Brisbane, Queensland. We also offer weekly Thai amulets and Buddhism teachings.

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We enjoy sharing our knowledge on Thai amulets and occult items with our customers. We have the biggest range of selections and we also pride ourselves in the quality of genuine Thai amulets we put forward for our customers. All of our Thai amulets and occult items are examine by well respected dealers and trusted personnel with experience, we do our best to make sure only 100% authentic Thai amulets and occult items are made available for your selection. You can reassure that you are only buying genuine items from us. We also like to take our time with every individual and help ensure they will only get the best choice to suit their desire and budget.

We have the ability to source all kinds and types of genuine Thai amulets such as Phra Somdej, Phra Pidta, Phra Khun Paen, Phra NangPhraya, Phra Rahu, Hanuman, Tao Wessuwan, Pha yant and all animal krung rang occult pieces. All of our amulets are correctly blessed by powerful and respected monks such as LP Koon, LP Kuay, LP Choop, LP Liew, LP Sakorn, LP Uttama, LP Nart, Arjahn Tim, LP Phoo, LP Ghen, LP Suk, LP Phan, LP Thuad, LP Koon, and many more. Contact us today and we can help you find the piece you always wanted or simple view all the items on our Facebook page: Thai Boy Amulets


Why wear Thai Amulets?

Thai Buddhist amulets are believed to be sacred and can help you be successful and overcome a number of difficult situations in your life. These special Thai amulets are proved to be very effective and powerful. You can expect to feel more positive and you will see your life change and become better. You'll feel more powerful, stronger, and luckier and you will be more successful than ever before if you also follow the correct Buddhist practice.

Why Choose Thai Boy Amulets?

At Thai Boy Amulets, we don't just sell you amulets. We provide FREE consultation and give you our expert advice to ensure you will find the right piece for your desire.  

We have the biggest range of amulets from many great gurus of the past and presents. From entry level amulets at small budget to mainstream amulets we have got it all.

All of our amulets are 100% Authentic and we gave you a guarantee on all of our items. You can reassure that we will only get genuine items from us.

Get latest updates and items via our Facebook: Thai Boy Amulets