Pha Yant

Perfect for for you home and business. Pha yant are usually printed in ink from hand-carved woodblocks manually pressed onto inexpensive pieces of white or colored cloth or simply drawn freehand. Pha Yants are bandana sized or flags sized printed with ornate illustrations of Thai gods, spirits and demons surrounded by sacred calligraphy and blessed by Buddhist monks and/or lay sorcerers.


Beautiful, striking and generally quite inexpensive, pha yants are frequented used as altar cloths for seances or to charge and focus amulets. Many older or rural Thais, and even some cityfolk, have one or more neatly folded pha yant in their wallet or purse, hoping it will keep them safe wherever they go. Traditionally, Thais journeying from their hometown on vacation or business would even bring a few extra pha yant with them, especially one which safeguards travelers.

Pha yant are similar to sacred sak yant tattoos. Various pha yant and sak yant purportedly protect their owners from danger, attract cash, build political power, repel ghosts, produce luck or confer other metaphysical powers those who possess the designs. 

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