Phra Rahu

See you laters back stabbers‼️

Wanting to encounter those who attempt to wish bad of you, obstruct or hurt you (especially backstabbers)? Phra Rahu is what you need. Phra Rahu also has the ability to remove you out of downfall star, you can expected to be protect by his greatness.

Enhance your destiny horoscope enchancer and strenthen your weaknesses, transform your bad luck to good luck. Boost your luck and fortune, overcome obstacles in life. Boosting your loving kindness & charisma greatly. Protection of all dangers and negative energies.


From the legend, Phra Rahu is a righteous and giant deity. Once, the deity of Sun and Moon had complaint to Vishnu saying Rahu had violated the rules of heaven. Vishnu was very angry and cut Rahu into half. This is why we only see the upper part of body of Rahu now.


However, after post investigation, Rahu was found out being falsely accused. Phra Rahu was mad with this and he swallowed the deity of sun & moon. This is also why Phra Rahu have a hatred of villains. Thus there goes the saying that Phra Rahu can help one protected from villains. When one's luck is in downturn and surrounded by villains, you can ask for help from Phra Rahu to pray for good fortune and expel the villains making everything goes smoothly.


There are two types of Phra Rahu in Thailand. One is Rahu holding & biting the sun, while the other is holding & biting the moon. The Rahu that holds the sun is known as solar eclipse, meaning to eliminate every bad thing determinedly. Rahu which holds the moon is known as moon eclipse. People or villains who attempt to obstruct or hurt you will get their retributions or facing bad encounter.


Phra Rahu is also a cousin of Tao Wessuwan (The leader of giants and ghost). In fact, Phra Rahu, Phra Pirab and Tao Wessuwan are together. Phra Rahu are the one controlling are the stars in the universe and Tao Wessuwan are the one controlling the all spirit in the world. That why in some temple you can see crafting of Phra Rahu on the above the door and Tao Wessuwan are on the door. It represent sky and earth.

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