Phra Somdej

Phra Somdej or Somdej amulet is one of the Benjapakee (the top 5 amulets). You might also have heard about is as “Phra Somdej Wat Rakang”. Wat Rakang (Rakang temple) is the place that this amulet was first created.

“Phra Somdej, everyone must have” said by all old school amulets wearer and collections.

Phra Somdej are just very beautiful to look at. No doubt why it’s known as The King of Thai Amulets. First found created by the great Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang and since then many great gurus has been making Phra Somdej for hundreds of year. Phra Somdej provides best all round effects that covers all aspects such as protecting of accidental dangers, brings tremendous lucks, boost your fortune, wealth fetching, brings happiness and peacefulness to the wearer. Phra Somdej is a must have amulet for all worshipers of Buddhism and collector of amulets. 


The power and effect of Phra Somdej is known in various ways. Many people said that you’ll get a complete blessings from Somdej amulet. But the obvious effects are charismatic and protection. Some people call it as a life-saving amulet. Phra Somdej is often created using holy powder or known as a powder type. Phra Somdej was first created in the region of King Rama 4, almost 200 years ago and it’s known as the king of all amulets. Many of Thai people and, also, foreigners craved for it since LP Toh, the monk who’s the creator of this amulet, is a very famous monk. He’s one of the great 9 monks of Thailand of all time. More over, the Somdej amulet is very popular for its power. The story has been told from generation to generation that you can really feel the power of the amulet.


Effect: Known for best all around and most powerful of all amulets. Phra Somdej can protect one's safety, avoid dangers, help to improve one's charm, make things go smooth. Poeple who wear somdej can get the protection with good thought in heart.

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