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Father of Muay Thai "Nai Khanomtom" amulets

After a long waited and anticipated amulet of “Nai KhanomTom - Father of Muay Thai” has successfully  made and blessed powerfully by LP Ard at Wat YangThon, Kanchanaburi province on the 18 May 2019. Nai KhanomTom - Father of Muay Thai “Su (Fight)” series was made with a purpose to help the temple raise money for the temple’s 21 years project to complete the building of “Phra Ubosort” which is known as the temple’s ceremony hall. We are grateful to be an authorised pre-order representative of the making to help the temple raise funds for this important cause. ORDER NOW!

There are a total of 5 different type of materials for Father of Muay Thai “Nai KhanomTom” Series “Su” (Fight), including:

Gold - 1 piece. Committee made for LP Ard. Not available to order.

Silver - 9 pieces. LP Ard gave to his close disciples and committee. Not available to order.

Nawa (mixed 9 sacred metal) - 9 pieces. LP Ard gave to his close disciples and committee. Not available to order.

Lead metal uncut edges with clean the reverse side (tester pieces) - 9 pieces. LP Ard gave to his close disciples and committee. Not available to order.

Bronze (smoked oil) - 4999 pieces. Available to the public  (Sold out on the ceremony day) Contact us for availability.

The Meanings & Effects

Father of Muay Thai - “Nai KhanomTom” amulet was created with the purpose to spread the knowledge and to remind everyone of the history of Muay Thai. Nai KhanomTom is respected and regarded as the Father of May Thai or Highest Khru Muay to the Muay Thai community.


The meaning and the effect that the wearer will receive from the father of Muay Thai amulet is No.1 Victory effect. Nai KhanomTom uses his Muay skills to eliminate and destroy 10 Burmese fighters back more than 200 years ago and gained freedom for himself and other Thai prisoners.


Ajarn YongYod, an A class Khru Muay mentioned about this father of Muay Thai amulets as “A symbol to remind all fighters and anyone in the Muay Thai community to respect and to put all your teachers and Arjarns above all successes”. Remember those who had shared their knowledge with you and for that your become a good fighter you are today.

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After being ordained as a monk for 2 years, LP Ving the abbot passed away in BE2535 which leaves the temple with only LP Ard. LP Ard was the only monk at the temple for more than 4 years until in BE2537 he received honour to become the new abbot of Wat YanThon and has been ever since.


LP Ard is a down to earth monk and very friendly to all visitors of the temple. He is well known throughout YanThon village and near by villages of his ability to meditate at a very high level as the local often sees that he stays up all night on many occasions to perform powerful chanting. His ability to perform very powerful magic (wicha) such as removing bad spirits, fetching luck and charm and providing protective effect to all his disciples. One of the most talked about experience of LP Ard was before he became a monk and was working as a forestry. One day he was patrolling the forest near by the Thai/Burmese boarder and he stepped onto a mine bomb in which it exploded but LP Ard survived with only few minor cuts and tears on his right arm.


LP Ard has been giving peacefulness to YanThon Villagers and teaching the correct Buddishm way for more than 29 years. His greatest kindness has brought everyone together as one and all are working very hard to finish off the long awaited project started 21 years ago “Phra Ubosort” or known as the temple’s ceremony hall. Currently the Ubosort is 70% to completion and everyone is getting very excited to see it finishing within the next 5 years. LP Ard would like to thank everyone who made their donation to the temple and to receive his amulet. He wish everyone good luck and keeping safe.

LP BangArd (Ard) Biography


LP Ard is a respected abbot at Wat Yanthon Kallayanimit, Sai York, Kanchanaburi province. LP Ard or former named Ard Ploynil born on 08 August BE2504 (1961) at Moo 3, YangThon Village. Both LP Ard’s mother and father are farmers, LP Ard has 7 siblings, 2 sisters and 5 brothers, LP Ard is the 2nd child in the family. Growing up LP Ard was required to help his family make a living at a very young age in which he was required to help with farm work after school and on the weekends. LP Ard left school in year 4 at the age of 10 so that he could help both his parents contribute to the family full time.


While LP Ard was busy working to support his family he would regularly find time to learn wicha (magic) from LP Ving at YanThon Forest Monastery (Later turned to Temple named Wat YangThon in BE2525) who believed have learnt magic (wicha) from Cambodia. In the year BE2533, LP Ard turned 29 years old and just like a normal Thai men who would ordain themself as a Buddhist monk to show their respect to their parents, LP Ard ordained himself at WatDhammaduay and ever since he reside at Wat YanThong with LP Ving as his master.

The Blessing Ceremonies

Father of Muay Thai - Nai Khanomtom amulets recieved blessing in 2 sacred ceremonies to ensure of the maximum effectiveness. The first ceremony called “Buang Suang” sacred ceremony is to invite Nai KhanomTom spirit to bless the amulets. This ceremony was by performed by Arjarn YongYod YamGarmLua an “A” Class license Kru Muay, Senior officer of Muay Thai / Muay Boran rules, tradition and legislation (Department of Thailand Tourism and sport) at Nai Khanomtom monument in Ayutthaya province on 14 May 2019.

After the completion of "Buang Suang" sacred ceremony in Ayutthaya. On the same day, the Father of Muay Thai - Nai Khanomtom amulets was transported to Wat Yangthon in Kanchanaburi province for LP Ard to perform powerful blessing. The amulets has recived maximum blessing by LP Ard over 4 days / 3 nights before it was being released on the 18 May 2019 which also falls on Buddha birthday.

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