Coin Amulets

Coin or medallion amulet style Thai amulets has became extremely popular in this new era. It is easier to make and beautifully looking meanwhile still has a very powerful effect.


Coin style Thai amulets is very popular amongst many monks and ajarnin this present time. Often coin amulets come in different shapes and sizes, different material used in the making such as copper, bronze, silver, gold and sometimes even mixed together.

One of the great benefit of coin type Thai amulet is that it’s harder to get damage unlike the powder type where if you don’t treat it gently it will likely be chipped or breakage. Thai amulets will be seen with the image of Buddha or the monk who has made it. Featuring different yants at the front and at the rear. Nowadays you may also see temple stamps and number code being added on to the coin to reduce people from reproduction or to make fake pieces.

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