Takrut are a kind of amulet in the shape of a scroll. They are usually in some form of tube or cover and this cover can sometimes be filled with oil or other liquid. The scroll itself can be made from metals such as lead, copper or even silver or gold. They can also be made of bamboo, wood, leaves, animal skin, bone or paper.

They are usually on a cord or thong and are worn around the neck or waist. Monks often wear them under their robes. They can be worn at the same time as amulets as there is no conflict between the two. More than one takrut can be worn in order to increase power or multiply the blessings given by them.


The scrolls contain sacred magical inscriptions derived from Buddhist, Animist, Vedic and Khmer traditions. They are made with great care by the monks, who chant magical incantations whilst making the takrut. The sacred magical inscriptions often contain symbols from sacred geometry and symbols known only to the monk who created them. Inscriptions are highly individual and the takrut are often infused with magical oils and powders.


A takrut is a yantra, just like a Sak Yant sacred temple tattoo. Yants are made up of sacred geometry and magical script according to their purpose. Incantations, Buddhist and Pali prayers are recited and the spell is written in an ancient form of Pali which resembles Khmer script. In the North of Thailand they tend to use Lanna script rather than the Pali/Khmer that is used in the rest of Thailand.


Takrut are very popular in Thailand. They are used for such reasons as protection, good luck, to bring success in business and in love. The protection takrut are very popular with members of the armed forces and the police, and others in dangerous jobs. They are also popular with Muay Thai fighters. They believe that this will preserve their fighting spirit in the ring during the fight.

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