Kruang Rang

Krung Rang Thai amulets have a strong spirit, which can turn to a great power of amulet. The popular part of animal that is used to make amulet is the tooth and the hair or feather. The power will be based on the kind of that animal, e.g. tiger = aggressive and bird = charming, etc.


Tiger tooth and ivory Krung Rang Thai amulets are the most common amulet that you can find in the market. We believe that the tiger tooth Thai Amulets will provide the power of aggressiveness, that can make other people respect the collector. Not only the tiger tooth alone, but it has to be blessed by the monk. People who collect tiger tooth amulet mostly needs to make themselves look more aggressive, which will be benefit when they need to make a tough business negotiation.


Most animal amulet does not contain parts of animal. But we created it to represents an animal and it’s power. You may have heard the “Salika Amulet”. Salika is a bird that has a beautiful voice. Thai people called it “Salika Lin Tong” or “Salilka, the golden tongue”. This amulet is very popular among people who are in the sales force, that need to talk to clients, sales the products, or negotiate business deals. We believe that having Salika Amulet will let us be more attractive, and have better relationship with others.


Another example is “Singha Amulet”. Singha is a great animal in a Thai literature. It is very powerful, respectful, and sometimes aggressive. Singha amulet also represents those kinds of power. And again, the amulet has to be blessed by monk in order to activate the power.

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