Buddha Statues

Have a Buddha statue or amulet on you or at home, you will feel safe and protected. Have a Buddha statue at your work or office will make people likely to do business with you. Have a Buddha image amulet on you he will lead you to the right path.


Buddha is known to provide the right teaching and guidance to live this life in peacefulness. Having his image in presents at home, work or wear it on you would help remind you of his teaching and to help mastery your mind. Buddha statue can come in different sizes. Originally, Buddha images were meant to serve as reminders of the Buddha and his virtues. Since Buddhists have the images at home for worship or meditative practice, it is natural that they would want to have them when not at home, too, such as while travelling. Thus miniature replicas of Buddha images, which could be conveniently carried around the neck, were produced by the faithful. This soon became popular and the practice was adopted by increasingly large numbers: people feel secure and auspicious when they have a Buddha image with them. Of course, since Buddha images are held in high esteem as symbolizing the Buddha and his virtues, they are duly consecrated and are treated differently from other objects. Buddhists consider them sacred and regard them with reverence.

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