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53 Strathaird St, Darra, Queensland, 4076.

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- We are based in Brisbane, Australia

- All prices in Australian Dollars

- We offer FREE standard shipping with all our orders and FREE express shipping to orders above $100.

- We are not responsible for lost or damage items during transportation.

- All goods sold are non refundable for any reasons unless proven fake, please see details below.

***Terms and Conditions***

As of 1/12/2018 amulets purchased from Thai Boy Amulets will be issued with our authenticity certification card. This also to be treated as a proof of ownership and to provide you a peace of mind that we have examine the amulets to be genuine before rented out it to you.

What does this certificate do:

1. Proof that you are the owner of this amulet and in case anything ever happens such as lost or stolen at least you will have a record to follow up. We will also store your amulet information on our data base together with minimum of 5 images in case you ever need them and for our record.

2. Proof of authenticity. All of our amulets are examine by well respected dealers and trusted personnel with experience in Thailand & Australia, we do our best to make sure only authentic amulets are made available for your selection. You can reassure that you are only buying genuine items from us.

Our full terms and conditions:

1. All our amulets are believe to be genuine accordance to the general standard. General standard means it is accepted by the majority of collector and/or must be accordance to Thaphrachan or Samakhom.

2. If you found or was told that the amulet that you rented from us is fake or not genuine according to what you were told, you must let us know how it is fake or what is fake about it? You must provide us with the information together with proof of an authentic piece (Images can be accepted).

3. Another option is by getting your amulet examine by a trusted certification association in Thailand and provide us with examine result. Only trusted associations will be accepted, you must inform us of the association first to ensure we would accept their result.

4. You have up to 30 days from the purchase date to proof or to make a claim, otherwise it will not be accepted.

5. After providing us with 1 of the 2 or both options above, if the amulet is proven not to be genuine you will be refunded. However you must complied with to our refund and return policy.

Refund and return policy:

1. Our amulets must be returned in the original condition with no marks, wash, liquid or any sign of damage otherwise you may not be granted a refund.

2. We have up to 30 days after you provided us with the accepted information to provide you proof of authenticity to our amulets.

3. Your refund payment will be made within 7 days from the date we receive back our amulets.

4. Sending back delivery cost at buyer expenses.