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Phra Somdej

Known as King of Thai amulets. Powerful Buddha image in meditating position often made with many great holy powder.

Warrior Buddha

Strong and powerful looking Buddha Thai amulets. Often made used old leads metals. Angry face with must dominant body figure. 

Coin Amulets

Most popular type of modern day Thai amulet. Often very beautiful in design with many shapes and sizes available.

Buddha Image & Statue

Buddha statues from the past and present. Comes in different shapes and positions. Great for your alter.

Phra Pidta

Unique closed eye Buddha position Thai amulets. Known for self focus and not letting any negative thinking allow to enter.

Phra Khun Paen

Great warrior of Thai history. Phra Khun Paen Thai amulets is a must have for business owners and sales people. Also known for attracting opposite sex.


Takrut is a tradtion Thai style amulets. Magical traditional scroll of sheets written on to by monks. Known to offer KongKraPhanChatri (Invulnerable)


Powerful Hanuman Thai amulets. Monkey king who is know for his ability and speed. His bravery will bring you great victories over your enemies.

Thao Wessuwan

The leader of ghosts and demons Thai amulets is very powerful. Bad spirits or black magic will be stopped by his power. He is also known to help protect your weath.

Phra Rahu

Phra Rahu Thai amulets will encounter those who try to hurt you. Phra Rahu is not the one to mess with, he is one angry god who would swallow and buried anything he don't like.


One of the best wealth fetching Thai amulets. Turtle will brings prosperity and truth happiness to your life. Business owner and sales people must have piece.

Pha Yant

Cloth that is written or printed with yantra and Buddha images. Put inside your house or business to keep the enemy out and help uplift your fortune and wealth fetching.

Krung Rang

Many kinds of suspicious Thai amulets blessed by monks and arjahn to provide the worshiper magical power. Additional items to Buddha pieces.


Great range of accessories for your amulets. Necklaces, clips, belt and cases.

Visit our Facebook page for latest listings: Thai Boy Amulets