Hanuman aka The Monkey King. Hanuman is immortal and invulnerable. The reason for his immortality being, that he is the son of Phra Paay (the wind/air God), and so, whenever he is killed and lays dead on the floor, it only requires a breath of wind to blow upon him and he is revived miraculously through the power of his Father "Phra Paay". 

Hanuman is a superior warlord ~ Ape Warrior. He is charming, super strong, invincible, immortal, witty and clever, and is the commander of all the Vanora Devas as their General. Hanuman can not only protect from dangers, black magic and ill fate, he can also bring winners luck to gambling tables, is an able seducer of maidens and nymphs, and is more or less a winner in every walk of life.

Din - Land 🏔
Nam - Water 🌊
Lom - Wind 💨
Fai - Fire 🔥

Hanuman swallow sun/eat fire. Swim like a crocodile, he’s the son of the wind god - fly in the sky, most powerful god on land who is invulnerable as blessed by Phra Phrom and Phra SiWa.

Hanuman is also renowned for his powers of being able to expand his body to giant size, and also to stretch his tail to incredible lengths (like in the story where he uses his tail to bridge the ocean to Langka). His amulets is extremely popular and made in many different ways.


The specific verse for Phra Hanuman – 

"You are as powerful as the wind,

You are intelligent, illustrious & an inventor.
There is nothing in this world that’s too difficult for you;
Whenever stuck, you are the one who can help. “

Victory in different aspects of your life e.g. businesses or careers, etc. 
Improve your Self-Confidence; Self esteem
Extremely Strong Authority/Influencing Power
Wealth Fetching & Businesses/Sales Luck
Strong Protection against Danger, Bad Luck, & Negative Energy; Invulnerability (Kongkrapan)
Especially for Users:

Recommend for fighter, warrior and defence force personnel. Managers, Business Owners or Anybody who wished to be RESPECTED by their targets.

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