Buddha Warriors

“Benjaphakee YodKhunPol” or translate to Most Powerful Highest Regarded Warrior Buddha Amulets. There are 5 types of amulets in this kinds includes Phra Takradan originally found in Kanchanaburi province, PhraRouongLhangLangPuen originally found in Sukhothai province, PhraChinNaRaj BaiSema originally found in Phitsanulok province, Phra HuYan Lopburi originally found in Lopburi province and Phra Maheasuan originally found in Suphanburi province.


All has different uniqueness to their look and shape. Most are made using Nur Chin Takua or old leads metal. These amulets are known best to give its bearer protection on impenetratability (kungkaphan), avoiding misfortunes including bodily and harm (klaewkard) and luck (mahalap).


Nowadays obtaining the original piece of these amulets will cost you millions of dollars. There are some monks in the recent years who have duplicate the makings of these are amulets by using the made type of materials (1000+ years natural old leads metal) and is able to blessed to amulets to get similar or the same effect as the original piece. Most importantly, it’s more affordable.


This type of amulet is highly regarded to those who are in leadership position, fighter/boxer, defence force and anyone seeking for more domination when face with obstacles. Effect: Great Blessing from all direction, Overcome all obstacles in life, Strong protection from Weapon and harm and danger, Enjoyed peace and prosperity, Improving Good Luck and business luck, Unimaginable Charming, You can achieving success, Great in Business and overall Good Luck, Power of authority to command and leading people.

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